Product description

VIROMET S.A. is manufacturing and marketing a wide range of chemical products. They can be grouped as follows:

Methanol It is used as raw material in the chemical industry for manufacturing a wide range of value-added products: medicine, synthetic fibres, lacquers and paints, synthetic resins, additives for car-fuels, etc.


Formaldehyde and derivatives
They are used in manufacturing formic acid, in the organic syntheses industry, in the pharmaceutics industry, synthetic resins, in the textile industry, in the paper industry, in agriculture, as disinfectant, as intermediary agent in various organic syntheses, as inhibitor in cleaning tankers, as toxic gas absorber, as reagent in analytical chemistry. Hexamethylenetetramine is used in the pharmaceutics industry, as well as raw material in syntheses in small tonnage chemistry. Methylal is used in ion exchange resins industry, as solvent, as well as additive for car-fuels.


Synthetic resins
They are used as adhesive resins, insulation and finishing resins, hydrophilic products treatment aid, in the light industry, in the cellulose and paper industry, in the wood industry for cold and warm pasting, in manufacturing foundry core, in manufacturing synthetic fibre felting for building and chemical industry, in producing improved water-resistant paper, in the wood industry, for manufacturing wood-boards - cold and warm pasting, in the textile industry for starching cotton fabric and artificial silk, and for fixing pigment on textile fabric, for finishing in civil constructions, as concrete additives, as rubber-crosslinking agent. These resins are combined with the following Hardeners: IP, IR, SBM, STM, etc also produced at VIROMET S.A.


Fine chemistry and miscellaneous products
Ammonium Bicarbonate is used in the food industry, as expanding agent, in the synthetic fibre industry, in processing ore, in medicine. Sulphuric Acid for Accumulators is used for lead accumulators formatting. 25% Ammonia Solution is used in the ammonia salt industry, the medicine industry, the paper and cellulose industry, the wood industry, and the textile and leather industry. Biocides EDF, ETA 75 are used in controlling micro-organisms in cooling-recycling water, emulsion of tool-machines, in treatment of synthetic rubber emulsion, emulsified paints, and other oil-water-emulsion based systems which need insulation against bio-degrading. Detercide 30 is a cleansing fluid with bacillicide qualities used in cleansing the emulsion recycling systems in metal-processing tool-machines.


Processed plastics
The following materials are being processed: polyethylene, polypropylene, acrylic plates, and PTFE: Injection processed products (spraying and aeration nozzles, boxes, cases, folding connecting sleeves, fittings (taps, elbows, tees), floaters for swimming pools), Processed high-molecular-mass polyethylene products (sleeves, bearings, gear wheel, fittings, pipes, pumps, filters, plating of containers), Extrusion-blowing processed products (polyethylene containers: 60l, 100l, and 140l, with thread cap or plug, foil, bags, sacks of various sizes), Sanitary wares made of LUCITE SW acrylic plates (shower tubs, bath tubs, washbasins of various sizes and a wide range of colours), Processed PTFE products (we produce a wide range of tightening parts for pumps, compressors, hydraulic installations, chemical installations, sleeves, bars, plates, non-sintered ribbon, gaskets, laboratory vessels, membranes, compensators. We also perform Teflon insulation plating for containers, towers, pipes, and fittings).


The control of product quality
Quality started becoming a most favoured way to supremacy, not only on the product and service market, and not only for a decade or two. Quality and the mechanisms that turned it into the most competitive advantage can not by any means be isolated from the cultural, economical, historical and social environment they have developed in. The approaches to quality have considerably changed for some decades: from Inspection, through Statistical Control of Quality and AQ, up to Quality Management and Total Quality Management. Lately, the TQM approach has gained a worldwide attention, and it is employed in many industrial branches, mostly in the developed countries. The essence of the TQM approach is creating an education that is to allow the company to offer products and services that meet the needs and expectations of the customer. The current status of TQM is a strategic one, and it is based on improvement of the processes. The manufacturing of all VIROMET S.A. products is based on the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System. In our competitively equipped laboratories, we provide a thorough quality control of raw and aid materials, as well as of end products, the delivery of these products complying with the current regulations or with the special requirements of the customer. The highly trained personnel of the company, offers technical assistance and service at the beneficiary's. All these measures led to the fact that VIROMET S.A. trademark is now a warranty for quality.


















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